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Report from the Resource Efficient Cities Symposium in St. Albert; welcome to the Arctic Energy Alliance; new bibliography sections, and more ...

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Our book is out!

Mitigating Climate Change: The Emerging Face of Modern Cities is now available!

The book is geared toward policy makers, city planners, practitioners and academics who are starting to project what modern cities need to do in terms of energy efficiency, mobility, planning and design of habitat and infrastructure and adapting to climate change.

Published by Springer-Verlag GmbH, Tiergartenstr. 17, 69121 Heidelberg, Germany, available here:



Resource Efficient Cities Symposium: Report (with photos)

The Symposium in St. Albert was a success!  

Many great ideas and much thoughtful discussion; see report below. 

Read the symposium report >


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Rich research resources available from the Arctic Energy Alliance

Athabasca University alumnus Louie Azzolini, Executive Director of the Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) invites you to explore the reports and studies generated by the Alliance on its research website at

The AEA is a not-for-profit society with a mandate “to help communities, consumers, producers, regulators and policymakers to work together to reduce the costs and environmental impacts of energy and utility services in the Northwest Territories."

The Online Centre for Corporate Stewardship is proud to join hands with the Arctic Energy Alliance as a partner promoting sustainable business.  Find them on our list of 'Networks' in the Resources section of this site.


Symposium: Resource Efficient Cities - Technology Driving Change

DATE:  February 22, 2013
LOCATION:  St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

We are very pleased to have co-hosted this symposium under the auspices of the Alexander von Humboldt Network for Cities and Climate Change, an international network of individuals involved in research, administration, and policy formulation for cities around the world. The event was supported by the Humboldt Foundation Liaison office in Canada, the German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research, the OCCS, and NABI.

Symposium attendees were decision makers from local municipalities as well as researchers, policy makers and interested citizens. They heard how

  • cities might physically re-form themselves to adapt to a low carbon economy
  • the Dutch city of Arnhem aspires to be energy-neutral by 2050
  • a new modelling approach could help transporation planners reduce air emissions 

The symposium wrapped up with an interactive session on successfully introducing new technologies to cities.

View report >

It is our hope that this symposium will lead to further research and discussion - and better yet, action - in the Edmonton region, throughout Alberta, Canada, and around the world.  


New resources - socially responsible investing, lean management, and a survey that indicates Canadians care more about the economy than the environment

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